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RxHighlight is the same application as RxView, but extended with markup, file conversion and batch routines.

RxHighlight adds advanced functions like redlining, markup, file conversion and batch printing/batch conversion to the viewer, allowing multiple users to collaborate and share information more efficiently throughout the organization. RxHighlight improves the revision control, shortens the time used for engineering changes and improves the feedback process in the organization. It is designed for network environments, with administrative tools and access control.

RxHighlight for Windows is a full-featured viewing and markup tool that lets you access data without the original application on your system.  RxHighlight lets you view, print, markup, communicate changes and information and convert between file formats.

Redlining, Markup and Collaboration

RxHighlight enables you to share information more efficiently than ever before. The sophisticated redlining tools allow implementation of better and faster revision control, shorten the time used in engineering changes and improves the feedback process in your organization. RxHighlight is designed for network environments and the extended network configuration tool gives administrators full control of user access to information.

Conversion and Web Publishing

Document conversion and publishing is easy with RxHighlight. Convert any viewable data or document file type into another format - for example convert one CAD format to another, or publish to Internet formats such as JPEG, DWF and PNG for easy archiving and transmission across the Internet.

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